At Chatterbox your baby will build strong relationships with educators and feel at home in a safe and nurturing environment. Our babies are involved in many experiences using their skills and developing new ones, whilst learning about the world around them. One-on-one experiences such as talking and interacting, playing, sharing books and play materials, exploring the outdoors and singing songs all occur throughout the day as well as during individual caregiving moments such as nappy change, meal times and settling babies for their sleep time.

Orientation process

As many families are putting their baby in care for the first time, it is natural for parents to feel anxious about leaving their child.  We encourage families to spend time at the centre for as many visits as needed leading up to your child’s first day so that both you and your baby feel comfortable in the new environment.  These visits provide opportunities for parents to get to know the core educators in the Nursery room, and start to develop a trusting relationship with each other.  It is also a great opportunity to share information about your child’s routine, eating habits, interests and personality.

Flexible routine

Chatterbox recognises the importance of incorporating the individual routines of our babies into the daily program so that the transition between home and care can be as smooth as possible. Parents complete an ”Every Child is Unique” and “Information Regarding Infants” form on enrolment so that children’s individual routines are followed throughout the day.

Menu and Mealtimes

An important part of the consistency between home and care it to establish similar feeding/ mealtime patterns for your child whilst they are with us.  Upon enrolment you will be requested to provide information which outlines your child’s feeding routine and foods they have been introduced to at home.  This will ensure that we cater for your child’s individual needs such as breast milk/formula and what solid food stage they are at (eg. finger foods/puree/solid food). Educators will maintain communication with you to ensure that this routine is updated as your child grows and eating patterns, and their likes and dislikes change.

Safe sleeping

Information regarding your child’s sleep patterns and needs are requested at the time of enrolment, and this is used by educators to create a similar home/centre sleep environment.  These details are constantly updated when your child’s sleeping needs change and is done in consultation between you and your child’s educators.  Chatterbox and its staff will at all times follow the Safe Sleep Practiceses recommended by Red Nose Australia to reduce the risk of SIDs.

Read more here: Safe Sleeping Practices for Newborns | Red Nose Australia

Nappy changing and toileting

The Centre provides disposable nappies and this is included in the daily fee. Nappies will be changed in a hygienic manner as this will help reduce, and in many instances prevent, the spread of infections. We will commence the toilet training process in consultation with you when your child is ready. Where appropriate, methods used at home will be incorporated within the Centre to ensure continuity with the home routine.

What to bring

At Chatterbox we try to make life as simple as possible for our busy families. We therefore supply most daily requirements for each child, including food, bed/cot sheets and sunscreen.  All families need to pack is a water bottle, breastmilk/formula, two changes of clothes and a hat each day for your child.

Please also ensure that items that could be a risk to children are not left in your child’s bag. These items include plastic bags, safety pins, food items, medications, rubber bands, hair clips, sharp items or toys with button batteries.

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