If Your Child Is Unwell

If your child is unwell and unable to participate fully in learning experiences, we request that you keep your child away from the Centre, both for his/her comfort and well-being and to minimise the spread of any infection.

If your child is suspected of having or is confirmed to have an infectious disease he/she will need to be excluded from the Centre. The aim of exclusion is to reduce the spread of infectious disease and Chatterbox has a detailed exclusion policy outlining minimum exclusion periods which is based on recommendations from Staying Healthy: Preventing Infectious Diseases in Early Childhood Education and Care Services (5th Edition). Please remember that the recommended exclusion period is the minimum time your child will need to be excluded. Your child may need to stay at home for longer until s/he is well enough to return.

The Centre Manager reserves the right to request a Medical Clearance from a doctor clearing your child of any contagious illness prior to returning to the Centre.

Public Holidays

Your family is entitled to 4 weeks absence during any one calendar year, calculated on a pro rata basis (e.g. 1 week for every 3 months of attendance) for which half the daily fee will be charged.

These absences must be taken in week blocks (not individual days) and your annual entitlement must be used by the beginning of the first term the following year.

Public Holiday

As we are committed to providing continuity of care for your child our educators are employed in a permanent capacity and are therefore paid for public holidays.

In an effort to meet this responsibility while maintaining affordability for our families, Chatterbox offers a 50% reduction of the daily fee on these days.

Absences From The Centre

As the Centre is limited by Licence to the number of children who can attend each day, if your child is absent we are unfortunately unable to offer a make-up day.

We are happy however to offer you a change of day within the same week where there is availability. Fees are still payable for any absence from the Centre.

Cancelling Enrolment

Two weeks’ notice in writing to the Centre Manager is required if you would like to cancel your child’s enrolment at Chatterbox.

Please note that if you do not attend the Centre during the notice period, you are unable to claim government fee assistance for that period and full fees will be payable.

Once your account is paid in full at the end of your child’s care, your Security Deposit will be refunded. Any accounts left unpaid will have their bond withheld.


When choosing an early learning service, it is important to look at how the educators interact with the children and whether the service has a warm, friendly atmosphere.
Some things parents often find helpful to consider are:


  • ▢ Is the building clean, tidy and well maintained?
  • ▢ What are the learning environments like both indoors and outdoors?
    • Aesthetically pleasing.
    • Warm, nurturing, stimulating.
  • ▢ Is there plenty of space?
  • ▢ Is there plenty of shade outside?
  • ▢ Are the educators friendly and well presented (look and act professionally).
  • ▢ Did the educators greet you and your child warmly?
  • ▢ Ask if there is an open door policy, can you come and be part of your child’s learning at any given time?


Ask about the Centre’s Educational Programs and how the educators document your child’s learning. The Centre should have a weekly curriculum and an overview of the daily learning experiences available for the parents to view.

  • ▢ Does the Centre follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines (QKGL)?
  • ▢ Ask for examples of the type of experiences/activities your child will be involved in during a day.
  • ▢ Is there a variety of age appropriate educational materials?
  • ▢ Are the educators engaging positively with the children in their care?
  • ▢ Is there a balance between indoor and outdoor play?

The Early Learning Service

  • ▢ Has the service been reviewed under the National Quality Standards? If so, what was the rating?
  • ▢ What is the alternative Menu for Allergies / Religious beliefs etc.?
  • ▢ Ask to see a copy of the Centre’s nutritionally balanced Menu.
  • ▢ Ask about the level of qualifications of the Educators and whether the educators are Fulltime, Part-time or casual? How long have the educators been working at the Centre? Consistency in the educators team is best.
  • ▢ What are the Centres Health and Safety Procedures? What happens if your child becomes sick?
  • ▢ What happens if there is an illness in the Centre?
  • ▢ What happens in the event where your child may have an accident/injury?
  • ▢ What are the daily fees and what is inclusive in these fees?
  • ▢ How are these fees to be paid to the Centre?
  • ▢ What are the hours of operations and which days of the year the Centre will be closed?
  • ▢ Ask about the Centre’s orientation process for you and your family?
  • ▢ Find out about whether the Centre can meet your family’s needs i.e. religious, cultural, and medical.
  • ▢ Overall, what is your instinct telling you? Do you feel welcome and comfortable to spend time in the Centre?

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