Your child’s health and well being.


At Chatterbox, your baby will be involved in many experiences to assist them to use their skills and develop new ones, while learning about the world around them.

It is very important at this age for your child to have nurturing relationships with their educators for them to feel safe and secure while away from the home environment.

Our Educators use every opportunity throughout the day to establish these bonds and build strong nurturing relationships with your child.

Feeding Your Baby

It is our goal at Chatterbox to make the transition between home and the Centre as smooth as possible for you and your baby.

An important part of this process is ensuring that home feeding routines are implemented at the Centre.

Upon enrolment, you will be requested to complete the “Infant Routine” which outlines your child’s feeding routine. This schedule will be used to ensure that your child will be given breast milk/formula and solid foods in the quantities and at the times specified by you.

Educators will maintain communication with you to ensure that this routine is updated as your child grows.

Sleep For Infants

Chatterbox recognises the importance of incorporating the individual sleep routines of our babies into the daily program.

Information regarding your child’s sleep patterns and needs, are requested at the time of enrolment, and this is used by educators to create a similar home/ centre sleep environment. These details are constantly updated through regular consultation between you and your child’s educators.

Chatterbox and it’s staff will at all times follow the child care sleeping practices recommended by the SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping program to reduce the risk of SIDS and create a safe sleeping environment.

Nappy Changing & Toileting

As part of our focus on promoting each child’s wellbeing and providing support for each child’s growing competence, confidence and independence, Chatterbox recognises that babies need adults to help them manage their toileting needs.

Our educators will maintain open, two way lines of communication with you to incorporate the individual toileting requirements of your child into daily life at the Centre.

Nappy changing is used as a time of positive one-on-one interaction with your child, during which educators can sing rhymes, count babies toes or describe the colour of a mobile. Your child’s preferences with be listened to and educators will be sensitive to your family’s beliefs and values. Nappies will be changed in a hygienic manner as this will help reduce, and in many instances prevent, the spread of infections. We will begin the toilet training process in consultation with you when your child is ready. Where appropriate, methods used at home will be incorporate within the Centre to ensure continuity with the home routine.

It is our goal during toilet training to keep your child comfortable and give him/her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

As Your Child Grows

Chatterbox aims to provide the children with a well-balanced, nutritious menu.

The menu is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents developed by the national Health and Medical Research Council. The daily menu, which includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and late afternoon tea, aims to offer 50% of a child’s daily nutritional requirements. It has been designed to:

  • Be flexible and offers food with a variety in colour, texture and taste
  • Reflect seasonal changes and available produce;
  • Provide for variety and choice within each day’s selections;
  • Expose children to food from numerous cultures.

Meals are provided on a flexible schedule with sufficient time allowed for children to eat their desired amount of food. Your child will never be forced to eat more than s/he wants, and while s/he is exposed to a wide variety of foods and encouraged to try, his/her food preference will be respected.

If your child has special dietary requirements an alternative menu choice is provided for lacto-ovo vegetarians (i.e. no meat but includes foods of animal origin such as eggs and dairy foods). In addition, Chatterbox endeavours to cater for children with other special dietary requirements where possible.

Rest & Sleep

To ensure that children have the energy to participate fully in all the experiences the Centre offers, a rest time is incorporated into each room’s daily routine.

“Rest” is defined as a period of inactivity, solitude, calmness or tranquillity, and can include a child being asleep.

As we recognise that all children have different sleep requirements, rest time is designed to cater to these differing needs. If your child needs a sleep s/he will be encouraged to do so. Alternatively, your child may take the opportunity to rest and then relax with quiet activities.


Our educators will discuss with you the individual toileting requirements of your child and incorporate these into daily life at Chatterbox.

Educators will maintain hygiene and safety throughout this process and act sensitively to your child’s needs. If your child is not yet toilet trained we will begin this process when your child is ready in consultation with you. It is our goal during toilet training to keep your child comfortable and give him/her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Supervision & Safety

Supervision is a key aspect of ensuring that your child is safe whilst at Chatterbox.

Our Educators will actively supervise all areas and ensure that children are within sight and/or hearing of an educator at all times, including during toileting, sleep, rest and transitions. Educators will adjust supervision to suit the situation and they communicate with each other to ensure all educators, including relief staff, are aware of their role. Our equipment and activities are arranged to ensure effective supervision and educators are alert to and aware of any potential risks and hazards.

Sun Safety

At Chatterbox we are committed to ensuring that sun protection behaviours are integrated into our daily activities, planning and procedures.

We will therefore use multiple sun protection methods which include:

  • Planning outdoor activities at times during the day when UV levels are lower
  • Supplying SPF 50 + sunscreen which is applied to children’s skin 20 minutes before going outside
  • Providing adequate shade in our outdoor environment
  • Encouraging children to wear appropriate hats which cover their face, neck and ears
  • Encouraging children to wear clothing that covers a much of their skin as possible
  • Ensuing Educators role model appropriate sun safe behaviour
  • Incorporating sun protection information into our learning programs

Physical Activity

Chatterbox understands that your child’s well-being depends upon an active lifestyle and physical fitness.

Physical activity is therefore embedded into our daily programs and combines a balance of planned and spontaneous activities.

Our indoor and outdoor areas are set up in ways to promote safe physical play and activity for children of different age groups and capabilities, your child will be encouraged to participate to a level that she/he is comfortable with. Educators will also talk with the children about how their bodies work and the importance of physical activity to people’s health.

Your Child’s Health

Our educators will discuss with you the individual toileting requirements of your child and incorporate these into daily life at Chatterbox.

The Centre endeavours to minimise the spread of infection by ensuring that children learn proper hygiene practices.

This process is actively supported by our educators and routines within the program will provide opportunities for children to discuss and learn about health issues and practise proper hygiene skills. Our educators will model and reinforce personal hygiene practices with children and implement the health and hygiene policies consistently.

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