Curriculum Extension

Music at Chatterbox

The benefits of involving children in musical activities are enormous. Not only is music fun but it provides developmental benefits which include language, fine and gross motor and social skills development. At Chatterbox we incorporate music lessons into our weekly program with qualified Kodaly teachers from Hush Little Baby visiting each age group to conduct tailored lessons. There is no additional cost for the music lessons as the program is included as part of your daily fees.

Spanish at Chatterbox

Research has shown that learning a second language can enhance brain development, memory, decision making, communication skills and confidence. At Chatterbox we incorporate Spanish lessons into our weekly program for each age group over 2 years of age. Sessions are tailored to each age group to ensure that the children have fun and learn fast. There is no additional cost for the Spanish lessons as the program is included as part of your daily fees.

Art at Chatterbox

Art is a means for young children to explore, imagine, discover, create and communicate. Just as we support children’s learning to read and write we can also support them to grow and develop ways of communicating and expressing themselves through art. Chatterbox offers an art program for all ages that was designed specifically for Chatterbox by an Adjunct Professor from the QUT School of Early Childhood. There is no additional cost for the art lessons as the program is delivered by our Educators and is included as part of your daily fees.

Artist in Residence

We have an Artist in Residence program that enhances our art program and is delivered each term to our Kindergarten Program children.

Technology at Chatterbox

Technology plays a large role in today’s society and can offer unique learning opportunities to children within the curriculum. Chatterbox incorporates robotic resources (eg Beebots), computers, iPads, interactive monitors, with internet access (supervised by Educators) and cameras into our daily program. This technology is only used as a learning tool and is closely monitored and implemented by our Educators as part of the curriculum.

Extra Curricular Activities

Our Centres often have extracurricular activities that you may choose for your child. Information on available activities is displayed at the Centre.

Incursions and Excursions

Chatterbox has regular incursions at the Centre for all age groups and we conduct an annual excursion for the kindergarten children.  These are an important part of the program as they expand each child’s experience and understanding through a variety of real-life opportunities. Incursions deliver important learning about topics such as animals and wildlife, personal safety, nutrition and hygiene.

To find out how your child can learn through play contact us.