Music at Chatterbox

It is well known that the benefits of involving children in musical activities are enormous.
At the forefront, music is fun and children are provided with the opportunity to develop a love of music. Equally important however are the developmental benefits of involvement in musical activities which include improved language development, development of fine and gross motor skills, enhancement of musical skill and understanding and improved social skills.

At Chatterbox we incorporate music lessons into our weekly program. Qualified and talented Kodaly teachers from Hush Little Baby visit our centre each week and run lessons with every age group. Lessons are tailored to each age group and families receive weekly handouts containing words to songs, games and rhymes as well as access to Hush Little Baby’s videos with actions and instructions for songs and games to use at home.

There is no additional cost for the music lessons as the program is included as part of your daily fees.

Researchers have found that learning a second language alters grey matter in much the same way as exercise builds muscle, and the impact is greater the earlier the language is learned.
Benefits include:

  • Enhanced brain development
  • Improved memory
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved knowledge of their mother tongue
  • Better communication skills and improved confidence

Studies have also shown that the window of learning a foreign language starts to close as early as 6 years old, highlighting the benefit of learning a second language in the early years of your child’s life, a time when their minds absorb knowledge more rapidly and successfully than at any other time during their lives.

At Chatterbox, we incorporate Spanish lessons into our weekly program. Native-speaking teachers from AlphaTykes visit our centre each week and run lessons with each group over 2 years of age. The lesson plans are tailored to each age group to ensure that the children have fun and learn fast. Custom-designed games and resources are used and incorporate music, signing, storytelling, games, art, craft and physical activities.

To reinforce and consolidate the children’s learning, our Educators participate in the lessons so they can reinforce the learning every day, and Spanish resources (e.g. CDs and story books) are used throughout the room, so no matter which day your child attends our centre, they will be exposed to Spanish.

There is no additional cost for the Spanish lessons as the program is included as part of your daily fees. Parents can purchase other learning material such as flash cards, activity books, storybooks and CDs from AlphaTykes.

Art at Chatterbox

Art is a means for young children to explore, imagine, discover, create and communicate.
Just as we support children’s learning to read and write – using the alphabet, letters, numbers, words and sentences – we can also support them to grow and develop ways of communicating and expressing themselves through art.

Through providing a quality arts programme, we:

  • Make learning exciting and interesting
  • Encourage children to explore and experiment with the properties of materials
  • Provide opportunities for children to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and dispositions through multiple pathways
  • Teach children about the language of art and the history and importance of these ways of seeing and knowing and being
  • Support children in their becoming effective communicators.

Chatterbox offers an art program appropriate to all ages which has been developed by Adjunct Associate Professor from Faculty of Education, Kelvin Grove Campus in consultation with Chatterbox Management and Educators.

There is no additional cost for this program as it is included as part of your daily fees.

Technology in the Curriculum

Technology plays a large role in today’s society and can offer unique learning opportunities to children within the curriculum.
Chatterbox incorporates computers, iPads, interactive monitors with internet access (supervised by Educators) and cameras into our daily program.

This technology is only used as a learning tool and is closely monitored and implemented by our Educators as part of the curriculum.

Extracurricular Activities

Our Centres offer a range of extracurricular activities that you may choose for your child.
These are offered at an additional cost may include tennis, soccer, Physi Kids, Lion Hearts among others.

In addition, Chatterbox has regular incursions at the Centre for all age groups and we conduct an annual excursion for the Kindergarten children. We believe that these events are an important part of the program as they expand each child’s experience and understanding through a variety of real-life opportunities.

Guiding Children’s Behaviour

Learning how to get on with others is a crucial skill to learn for young children and people in general.
This is a skill that requires practice and understanding and at Chatterbox it is our goal to support your child to manage his/her own behaviour, respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and communicate effectively to resolve conflict between children. Your child will be encouraged to engage in respectful, cooperative, helping behaviour as well as discuss and challenge any behaviours that may not be respectful and appropriate.

Your child will be given opportunity to express their feelings appropriately and respond to others’ behaviours confidently. Our educators will talk with children about the outcomes of their actions, encourage children to listen to other children’s ideas and solve problems together, listen to children when they express their emotions, and support children to negotiate their rights in relation to the rights of others.

At Chatterbox we also understand that each child has different skills in managing their behaviour. In the event of a child displaying challenging behaviours when at the Centre we are committed to working with the child and their family to establish positive outcomes for all concerned.
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