Learning how to get on with others is a crucial skill to learn for young children and people in general. This is a skill that requires practice and understanding and at Chatterbox it is our goal to support your child to manage his/her own behaviour, respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and communicate effectively to resolve conflict between children. Your child will be encouraged to engage in respectful, cooperative, helping behaviour as well as discuss and challenge any behaviours that may not be respectful and appropriate.

Your child will be given opportunity to express their feelings appropriately and respond to others’ behaviours confidently. Our educators will talk with children about the outcomes of their actions, encourage children to listen to other children’s ideas and solve problems together, listen to children when they express their emotions, and support children to negotiate their rights in relation to the rights of others.

At Chatterbox we also understand that each child has different skills in managing their behaviour. In the event of a child displaying challenging behaviours when at the Centre we are committed to working with the

child and their family to establish positive outcomes for all concerned.
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