Researchers have found that learning a second language alters grey matter in much the same way as exercise builds

muscle, and the impact is greater the earlier the language is learned. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced brain development
  • Improved memory
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved knowledge of their mother tongue
  • Better communication skills and improved confidence

Studies have also shown that the window of learning a foreign language starts to close as early as 6 years old, highlighting the benefit of learning a second language in the early years of your child’s life, a time when their minds absorb knowledge more rapidly and successfully than at any other time during their lives.

At Chatterbox, we incorporate Spanish lessons into our weekly program. Native-speaking teachers from AlphaTykes visit our centre each week and run lessons with each group over 2 years of age. The lesson plans are tailored to each age group to ensure that the children have fun and learn fast. Custom-designed games and resources are used and incorporate music, signing, storytelling, games, art, craft and physical activities.

To reinforce and consolidate the children’s learning, our Educators participate in the lessons so they can reinforce the learning every day, and Spanish resources (e.g. CDs and story books) are used throughout the room, so no matter which day your child attends our centre, they will be exposed to Spanish.

There is no additional cost for the Spanish lessons as the program is included as part of your daily fees. Parents can purchase other learning material such as flash cards, activity books, storybooks and CDs from AlphaTykes.