Starting at Chatterbox

While starting at Chatterbox will be an exciting time for your family, it is natural that children (and their family) may feel some anxiety. To help alleviate this and help children settle into the Centre we encourage you to visit and spend time with us. We encourage families to spend time at the centre for as many visits as needed leading up to your child’s first day so that both you and your child feel comfortable in the new environment.  These visits provide opportunities for parents to get to know the core educators in the room, and start to develop a trusting relationship with each other.  It is also a great opportunity to share information about your child with their Educator.

To assist your child settle into Chatterbox, the following tips may be useful:

  • Always talk and act positively about starting at Chatterbox.
  • Leave plenty of time in the mornings to pass on messages to Educators and help your child settle into an activity before leaving.
  • Be patient. Each child will settle differently and need different levels of support.
  • Don’t linger at goodbye time once you have made the decision to go as this can cause additional distress to a child.
  • Always say goodbye to a child before leaving the Centre as children can become upset if the person dropping off disappears.
  • Discuss separation with the Educators to develop a process that best meets the needs of your child.

Educators will keep families informed about how a child is settling into the Centre and suggestions or comments that would assist the family are welcomed.

To find out how we can help look after your child contact us today.