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Secure, Happy & Engaged Learning

Every day, there’s something exciting and new to learn and explore at Chatterbox Taringa. Our vibrant, play-based educational program is thoughtfully designed and tailored to nourish your child’s growth, curiosity and unique passions.

Enrolment Enquiry Quick Question

Every day, there’s something exciting and new to learn and explore at Chatterbox Taringa. Our vibrant, play-based educational program is thoughtfully designed and tailored to nourish your child’s growth, curiosity and unique passions.

Why Should I Enrol At Chatterbox?

At Chatterbox, we believe that a safe, caring and friendly environment is essential for children to learn, grow and socialise.

That’s why we focus on creating a positive environment where children feel secure, happy and engaged.

Our Educators honour each child’s individuality and tailor their learning experience to their unique interests.

We encourage fresh air and sunshine and believe that play is the most powerful way to help a child grow into a curious, emotionally resilient small adult.

Our music and Spanish language classes and sensory outdoor play areas challenge a child’s imagination and curiosity, to prepare them for successful entry into Prep.

We give children agency over their learning to foster a love of learning that will follow them throughout their lives.

“The staff at Chatterbox are so friendly, hard working and has a real passion for working with children. Spanish, music and art classes have been a welcome addition and something Sophie thoroughly enjoyed while completing the Kindergarten program. Right from the beginning everyone has helped to create an environment where she feels secure, cared for and challenged. I believe that the experiences at Chatterbox have been invaluable to her early childhood development. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Chatterbox to other family and friends.”

Diana Copland, Mum

“We feel so lucky to be providing our children with the highest quality of care you will find. Both of our children adore attending Chatterbox Taringa and that is a huge relief for us as parents. We know that when our children are at Chatterbox they are being genuinely cared for and provided with fun, interesting and educational experiences to enrich their learning and development. We highly recommend Chatterbox to anyone who is looking for an exceeding level of care and nurturing for their children.”

Sam Anderson, Parent

“We would like to thank all of the amazing staff at Chatterbox for their ongoing understanding, support and care as we negotiated the early years with our eldest daughter. She had the most amazing time, learnt so much and made beautiful friends during her time at Chatterbox Childcare Taringa. The staff in the Nursery room are such dedicated, kind and friendly ladies who cater to the ever changing needs of all the children in their care. I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful establishment and its truly exceptional staff.”

Pia, Mum

“My daughter loves attending Chatterbox, because the centre has a warm, loving feel with exciting activities each day. You are informed everyday and educators work with you to grow and develop your child’s interests and talents. At Chatterbox the resources available to do this are exceptional, from music and language classes to sensory outdoor and indoor play areas that continue to challenge my child’s imagination and sense of fun.”

Desley Millburn, Mum

“All three of our kids have loved or still love being at Chatterbox, and benefited hugely from all the experiences and activities they get to do. The difference I think is that the staff really connect and, dare I say, love the kids, which makes them feel safe and nurtured and ready to be kids! Early childhood is such a vital time for setting the tone for the rest of a person’s education and to have such a team of devoted, professional and loving people giving their all in such a fun, happy and safe environment is pure gold. If only all childcare centres could be of the same calibre as Chatterbox, they are brilliant.”

Victoria Green, Mum

“Being an Early Childhood Professional is the most rewarding job, to be a part of children’s lives by helping them develop and grow into confident and resilient people. I feel so privileged to work with such an amazing and passionate team and company here at Chatterbox who share the same values and vision and always have the best interest of each child and family”

Debbie Totman, Taringa Centre Manager

Visit our Taringa centre

Come in and visit our Taringa centre to experience the Chatterbox difference. Simply get in touch via our contact form to book in a day and time.

Enquire about enrolment

Booking a place with us is simple and easy. Even if we don’t have a spot available for your desired day, you can opt into our free waitlist so you’ll be the first to know when a place becomes available.


  • What is the Chatterbox Difference?

    Our boutique group of centres are Brisbane-based and family-owned, and this personal touch shows in everything we do.

    From our lovingly-crafted program to our friendly and committed educators, our personalised approach is helping your little ones to grow.
    Now in our 30th year, we strive to deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

  • What is the atmosphere at Chatterbox Taringa like?

    As soon as you enter our centre, you’ll notice something unique. Because we make sure each child at Chatterbox feels emotionally comfortable and engaged in our learning activities, our centres tend to feel calm and focussed. We encourage children to be respectful of each other, explore diversity and social messages, and help children understand what’s fair.

    Inside each classroom, there are caring and nurturing Educators guiding the children on a learning adventure. We encourage you to visit and experience it yourself!

  • I want to be involved in my child’s learning. Is this possible?

    We keep you in the loop each day and our Educators work with you to grow and develop your little one’s unique interests and talents.

    We’re sensitive to the needs of families, and welcome and happily incorporate feedback from parents. We have an open door policy for parents, so you’re welcome to come in and participate as you wish.

  • What are the food and catering like?

    At Chatterbox, your child will be treated to wholesome food every day to fuel their growing mind. Our menu, developed with and approved by the Nutrition Australian QLD Food Foundation, includes seasonal local fruit and vegetables and caters to dietary alternatives such as gluten-free, coeliac, vegetarian and dairy free.

  • How is safety managed at your centre?

    Rest assured, our environment is safe and clean. We enforce regulations to the letter, and the safety of your child always comes first. All of our Educators hold a current First Aid including Anaphylaxis and Asthma as well as their CPR certificate. All centres are SunSmart registered. All children who attend must be vaccinated.

  • Tell me more about your specialised learning experiences.

    Our learning programs are a terrific stepping stone for your child’s development and future schooling. They are designed to help socially and emotionally prepare children for school. We offer many creative learning activities, including music lessons, Spanish language classes (taught by a native speaker), and a visual arts program. These specialised experiences are included in the childcare service at no extra cost.

    At Taringa, music lessons are on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for all age groups. Spanish lessons are on Tuesday and Friday afternoons for Junior Kindy, Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten. The arts program is embedded within our curriculum for all ages and our Artist in Residence attends the Centre each term to work with our Kindergarten age groups to further enhance their creative learning.

  • I’m very keen for my child to have a place at Chatterbox. Is there a wait list available if I don’t get an immediate spot?

    Of course. There is no fee to go on our waitlist. We will only charge an enrollment fee once we can offer a spot.