What People Say

“After switching services 2 and half years ago to Chatterbox I realised what services a daycare should be providing. Quite simply my son has thrived from his time at the centre. The relationships my son has formed with all the carers in the centre (not just with the lead educator in the room) leaves me feeling like the staff treat “my little man” like he is their own. This is most evident in the conversations I have at home and the fact that on a regular basis his educators are included in conversation with a tone of love and affection. Without a “formal school structure” there is oodles of learning involved too, in such an effective way. I get this information relayed back to me.

I am most impressed and what has ideally been the most important aspect of Chatterbox is that at the last induction evening held, all the carers at the centre had or were currently studying for their diploma in child services. This was the assistants in the room as well. In the 2 and half years I’ve been at the centre we have had one change in the staff to my sons room. This speaks volumes to the happiness and commitment that Chatterbox as a company has to their staff and consequently the follow on effect that has to the care of my child.”

Julie, Parent

“I have been part of the Chatterbox family since 2010 when my daughter joined the Nursery. Something that impresses me the most about Chatterbox is the staff. Everyone is so friendly, hardworking and has a real passion for working with children. This year Chatterbox introduced new programs throughout the whole centre. Spanish, music and art classes have been a welcome addition and something my daughter thoroughly enjoyed while completing the Kindergarten program.

My 2nd daughter joined Chatterbox this year in the Nursery. Right from the beginning everyone has helped to create an environment where she feels secure, cared for and challenged. I feel extremely grateful for the care my children have received and believe that the experiences my children have received at Chatterbox have been invaluable in their early childhood development. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Chatterbox to other family and friends.”

Diana, Parent

“Our family found Chatterbox when our eldest child was just about to turn 2. We were typical fretful first time parents and had already had some disappointing experiences when looking at other centres. Then we walked into Chatterbox at Taringa. It looked like kids played there, the room we looked at smelled like small kids, paper glue and delicious food and every child we saw looked happy and like they were happy being there.

All three of our kids have loved or still love being there and benefitted hugely from all the experiences and activities they get to do that you would be hard pressed pulling together in a week at home, yet that is their day at Chatterbox. The difference I think is that the staff really connect and, dare I say, love the kids, which makes them feel safe and nurtured and ready to be kids!

Early childhood is such a vital time for setting the tone for the rest of a person’s education and to have such a team of devoted, professional and loving people giving their all in such a fun, happy and safe environment is pure gold.

My middle child is well and truly ready to start Prep next year but on some levels I wish I could give her another year at such a wonderful place and prolong the Magic a bit more. If only all childcare centres could be of the same calibre as Chatterbox, they are brilliant.”

Victoria, Parent

“I’ve never questioned my decision to choose Chatterbox Childcare for both my daughter who is 3 years old and my son (now 9 years old) who have had the pleasure of attending the centre. We have no family living in Brisbane so Chatterbox has been our substitute ‘family’ offering a ‘family daycare experience and I feel very fortunate to have such a positive environment for my kids to grow.

My daughter loves attending Chatterbox, because the centre has a warm, loving feel but exiting activities each day. You are informed everyday and educators work with you to grow and develop your child’s interests and talents. At Chatterbox the resources available to do this are exceptional, from music and language classes to sensory outdoor and indoor play areas that continue to challenge my child’s imagination and sense of fun.”

Desley, Parent