Your child’s health and wellbeing

At Chatterbox we are committed to supporting the health, protection, safety and wellbeing of all children as we believe that all children have the right to experience quality education and care in an environment that provides for their health and safety. This is complemented by a focus on promoting each child’s wellbeing and providing support for each child’s growing competence, confidence and independence.

Key factors that promote children’s health, safety and wellbeing at Chatterbox include:

  • Appropriate supervision and grouping of children;
  • Monitoring and minimisation of hazards and safety risks in the environment;
  • Managing illness and injuries effectively;
  • Controlling infection;
  • Providing for individual children’s health, sleep, rest and relaxation requirements;
  • Providing nutritious meals that meet children’s requirements and promote healthy food choices;
  • Promoting children’s physical activity;
  • Supporting children’s hygiene skills;
  • Implementing sun protection practices;
  • Encouraging and supporting childhood immunisation; and
  • Child protection.

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